To reach the most disadvantaged and marginalised groups of people, we rely on the generosity of trusts, foundations, local authorities, public bodies, and you – the wider community! Whether you’re an individual looking to join our cause, or a business looking to give something back, you can help us by pledging however much you feel comfortable with using the links below.


This will help fund one individual to join one of our workshops – inspiring them to explore their musical potential and giving them a taste of playing in a rock band!


Spread your bets and help two new bands get started. Perhaps a bitter rivalry will ensue? Either way, newfound musical passion is guaranteed!


This will help fund a group of people to have their first experience of playing in a band together. When they top the charts you can take pride in having helped them form!


This will help us run a whole day of workshops, giving as many as 100 people the opportunity to try out their skills in a band!

If you’re interested in making a larger donation or another amount not listed here, please use our contact page to get in touch.